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I have been fixing and building things since I was a kid. I was always that guy with a truck, who was happy to help you move. On weekends, I love hanging out with friends and working on projects around the house. Yes We Can Handyman has allowed me to combine the two things I love doing the most – helping people and fixing things around the house! I know how busy life can get and I am here to help you take care of the chores on your “to-do list” so that you can save both money and time. My promise to you, is to be honest, reliable and respectful of your time and schedule. To treat you and your family the same way I treat my own: with respect and kindness.

Aaron Carbaugh
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Aaron is a highly professional handyman. We have used his talents on a number of occasions whether its hanging pictures, staining our deck or changing the hard to reach light bulbs around our house He is always quick, reliable, organized, and an excellent finisher. His friendly, helpful manner suites us because he makes sure the work is done right. Plus, he leaves the workspace cleaned and everything in its proper place.

- Aaron, Blackhawk

Aaron has done just about every job you can imagine for me! He's installed my floors, rewired my garage, installed insulation and drywall, fixed sprinklers, and even demolished a poorly built patio cover and replaced it with a gorgeous redwood pergola.

The work he does is excellent, and he's always happy to explain what he's doing and why. He's honest and straight to the point, and firmly believes in doing things right the first time.

- Brandon, Concord




Furniture Assembly

Whether it’s assembling new furniture to change your décor to fit your style, or piecing together some shelving for you to show off your knick-knacks with pride, Yes We Can Handyman does it all. We know how complicated it can be, trying to follow along with instructions that are said to be “simple and quick.” We take the stress from the assembly and take care of it for you, so you can admire the finished content without the frustration of putting it together.

Crown Molding / Wainscoting / Baseboards

Whether you need to have your crown molding retouched or completely added as a new feature to your home, Yes We Can is more than capable of taking care of it for you. The same goes for Wainscoting and Baseboards, both of which we handle in order to make your home shine and give it the correct look that matches the vision you have for it in your mind.

Picture Hanging

Everyone has photos they want to show off, moments of pride and love and family they would like the world to see. Of course, hanging them isn’t always as simple as it appears and it can be frustrating always having it just ever so slightly off center and lopsided. We take away the stress of putting up your beloved pictures and won’t leave until they’re aligned perfectly straight and in the perfect spot for all to see.

TV Mounting

Most televisions nowadays are able to be mounted to the wall. This opens up more space in the room, allowing you to redecorate as you desire or use the extra space as you see fit! However, mounting your TV is not nearly as simple as it may seem – a job done incorrectly could even lead to your TV falling from the wall and smashing onto your floor! With Yes We Can Handyman, you can rest assured that the job will be done swiftly and efficiently and make sure that the proper mounting installation is seen through to completion.

Light Fixtures

The way light falls can play a large role in the dynamic of your home. If you have a faulty light fixture that you would like to repair, or if you simply want to change the brightness of a room, give us a call. Light fixtures have the potential to be dangerous as well, so remove all worries of getting zapped by having our experienced workers take care of it for you.

Drywall Repair and Finishing
Laminate Floor Installation

With over 16 years of experience dealing with flooring installation, Yes We Can Handyman can be counted on and trusted to get the job done right the first time. Tired of your current flooring and looking for something to spruce up your home? Tell us about your ideal flooring plans and we can be sure to change the dream into a reality right before your eyes!

Power Washing

Want your home looking as beautiful as the day that you first laid eyes on it? Power washing is a wonderful way to wash off the stubborn layers of grime and dirt that build up over time. From your home to your driveway to your patio and deck, we can make sure to give everything a thorough wash so that it looks like new. Power washing can be a costly and time consuming project to take on yourself, but with Yes We Can you’ll save yourself both the time and money - as well as the frustration of having to do it all yourself – and rest easy knowing that we’ve got you covered.

It’s easy to accidentally ding your wall when moving furniture around or for it to receive cracks over time. We will make sure to not only repair the damage but also search for the source of the problem ( moisture damage or poor circulation for ventilation ) to ensure that it does not become a reoccurring issue. When we leave, your wall will not only be repaired but reinforced and looking like new.







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